SCSI Hacker

THE SCSI HACKER A Format/Uitility Program for Apple’s SCSI Card And ANY Hard Drive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE SCSI HACKER IS A “NO FRILLS” PROGRAM DESIGNED FOR THOSE WHO UNDERSTAND HARD DISK LOW-LEVEL FORMATTING (AND ITS IMPLICATIONS). THE PROGRAM HAS LIMITED WARNING MESSAGES AND NO HELP MENUS. IT IS CAPABLE OF TOTALLY DESTROYING ALL DATA ON […]

Apple II Peeks, Pokes, and Calls

————————————— Apple Peeks, Pokes, and Calls ————————————— Thanks to: Jim Barrie of Aurora, CO ————–>> Pokes <<————– POKE 32,X {$20} : SETS LEFT SIDE OF TEXT WINDOW. (0-39 NORMAL=0) POKE 33,X {$21} : SETS WIDTH OF TEXT WINDOW (1-40 NORMAL=40) POKE 34,X {$22} : SETS TOP OF TEXT WINDOW (0-23 NORMAL=0) POKE 35,X {$23} : […]

GBBS – F5Convert – Convert compiled Segs back to code

Brd ->GBBS Sysop Board Numb ->480 of 512 Sub ->F5CONVERT.S Program To ->All From ->Al Andersen (#234) Date ->06/05/87 00:32:12 The following 7 posts will deal with a program I’ve written that will convert ACOS $F5 segments (.G files) back into normal ASCII TXT files (.S files). It is a very useful utility that will […]

Mouselink use in GBBS

————————————— Subj ->Mouse From ->Cy Surflex (#36) Date ->01/25/89 02:45:46 PM Ok well MouseLink comes with complete dox on how to do this, but it’s realy not that explanatory… I wrote a seg called PSE.QUOTE.SEG that has mouse control too, you can look at that (if it’s not up here I’ll put it up) but here’s a […]

MouseTrap PSEditor

____________________________________________________________________ || || || Welcome to MouseTrap: PSEditor || || (c) Shattered Image 1988 || || Programmed By Maxia Fariina & Wise Guy || ||____________________________________________________________________|| Open Apple Commands: ? – Help This feature, gives you a list of all the valid OpenApple key combinations, and the ‘commands title’. (ex. ? – Help) By using the […]

StartSound – Startup Sound Player for GSOS

STARTSOUND Startup Sound Player, by Guy T. Rice STARTSOUND Version 1.2 documentation This program is a close relative of STARTPIC. What STARTSOUND does is it plays a digitized sound file when you boot your computer. You can create these digitized files with an MDIdeas SuperSonic Digitizer, or with a Future Sound digitizer, or even with a Macintosh! […]

StartPic – Startup Picture Display Program for GSOS

STARTPIC Startup Picture Display Program, by Guy T. Rice STARTPIC Documentation updated for version 1.1 of STARTPIC. This program allows you to display a Super HiRes picture while you are booting your disk or hard drive. This gives you something a little less boring to look at than “ProDOS 16 v1.3” etc etc. It also makes your […]