Mouselink use in GBBS

Subj ->Mouse
From ->Cy Surflex (#36)
Date ->01/25/89 02:45:46 PM

Ok well MouseLink comes with complete dox on how to do this, but it’s realy not that explanatory…

I wrote a seg called PSE.QUOTE.SEG that has mouse control too, you can look at that (if it’s not up here I’ll put it up) but here’s a short explanation:

when the user clicks the mouse, it first sends a chr$(30) over the modem to tell that the mouse was clicked and to get ready to wait for two more keys (the location of the mouse). Then the ascii value +32 is sent of x and y in that order. A small routine to do that would be

get i$
if i$<>chr$(30) goto start
get x$
get y$
print “The Mouse was Clicked at location “x”,”y
goto start
hope this helps!
/> Cy Surflex
</ DreamWorld

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