StartPic – Startup Picture Display Program for GSOS

STARTPIC Startup Picture Display Program, by Guy T. Rice STARTPIC

Documentation updated for version 1.1 of STARTPIC.

This program allows you to display a Super HiRes picture while you are booting your disk or hard drive. This gives you something a little less boring to look at than “ProDOS 16 v1.3” etc etc. It also makes your friends say “Oooo!” and “Ahhhh!”, or if they have a IIgs, “How did you do that?!”

Version 1.1: There are two significant differences between this and 1.0. First, this new version allows you to have several startup pictures instead of one. These pictures are named PICTURE.A, PICTURE.B, etc, and are cycled through alphabetically. Secondly, this version fixes the bug in SHR.OFF that caused it to return an error and make ECP-16 mad.

*** GS/OS users: read the section called “GS/OS users note:”.

How to set it up:

Okay, first of all, you have to copy some files into your SYSTEM.SETUP directory, which resides inside your SYSTEM folder. The first file you need is called STARTPIC. It is a $B7 (TIF) file that is run whenever you boot. The second file you need is called PICTURE.A, and this can be any Super HiRes picture, but it must a $C1 file! It cannot be packed, in other words. So when you save this picture, save it as a $C1 file. Finally, you can have several other pictures, but this is optional. These optional pictures are called PICTURE.B, PICTURE.C, etc. Thus you can have 26 different  ictures,
if you so choose. (Or just 3 pictures, if you want.) Each time you boot, the next picture will be displayed. After showing the last picture, it goes back to the first (PICTURE.A).

For best results, STARTPIC should one of the first files in your SYSTEM.SETUP directory. You can sort directories safely with Cat Doctor, which comes with ProSEL. Or you can try and use the Sort Directory DA in Apple II Desktop. Or if all else fails, rename STARTPIC to “A……STARTPIC” and then alphabetize the catalog with Copy II Plus. Then rename it once you’re done. Failing all of the above, you can copy all the files out of your SYSTEM.SETUP
directory, delete them from SYSTEM.SETUP, copy in STARTPIC, and then copy those other files back.

A problem, and the solution:

This program works great if you’re booting into Finder, Program Launcher, or some other SHR graphics-based application. But what if you’re booting into a text shell program like APW, ORCA/M, or ECP-16? Well, since STARTPIC leaves the graphics screen on, you have to turn it off. That is what the program “SHR.OFF” is for. Its an EXE file that should work under any of the above shells, or any other shell that follows the same standards. If you are using APW or ORCA/M, go to your “LOGIN” file and add a command at then end of it to
run the program “SHR.OFF”. If you’re using ECP-16, add the command to the file “CP.STARTUP”. The line could look like this:


This is unnecessary with IIgs desktop applications, since they will
reinitialize the SHR screen themselves. You need only worry about it if you boot into a shell (like I do, APW to be specific).

If you boot into a ProDOS 8 program, like ProSEL, then you may have to use “SHR.OFF.SYS” instead. It’s simply a ProDOS 8 version of “SHR.OFF”.

GS/OS users note:

In order to make StartPic work correctly with GS/OS, you must run the BASIC program included with this called PRODOS.PATCH. This will get rid of the SHR splash screen GS/OS normally puts up while booting. This must be removed because (1) the moving red bar interferes with the picture StartPic loads, and (2) because it installs a routine in memory which can sometimes crash if you mess with the splash screen.

More details can be found in the file STARTFIXES.DOC.

Comments, suggestions, fan mail:

I’m always glad to hear from you, especially if you have bug reports,
suggestions for improvement, or just thanks. You can leave me E-mail on GEnie or AppleLink, or you can send mail to my real address (listed below).

This software is completely public domain. You are not OBLIGATED to send any money at all. However, you are NOT RESTRICTED from doing so, either. If you really liked this program and feel you need to show your appreciation to me somehow, go right ahead! <grin>

GEnie mail: GUYRICE

AppleLink mail: Guy Rice

Snail mail: Guy T. Rice
P.O. Box 13036
Dinkytown Station
Minneapolis, MN 55414

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