SCSI Hacker

THE SCSI HACKER A Format/Uitility Program for Apple’s SCSI Card And ANY Hard Drive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE SCSI HACKER IS A “NO FRILLS” PROGRAM DESIGNED FOR THOSE WHO UNDERSTAND HARD DISK LOW-LEVEL FORMATTING (AND ITS IMPLICATIONS). THE PROGRAM HAS LIMITED WARNING MESSAGES AND NO HELP MENUS. IT IS CAPABLE OF TOTALLY DESTROYING ALL DATA ON […]

GBBS – F5Convert – Convert compiled Segs back to code

Brd ->GBBS Sysop Board Numb ->480 of 512 Sub ->F5CONVERT.S Program To ->All From ->Al Andersen (#234) Date ->06/05/87 00:32:12 The following 7 posts will deal with a program I’ve written that will convert ACOS $F5 segments (.G files) back into normal ASCII TXT files (.S files). It is a very useful utility that will […]

Mouselink use in GBBS

————————————— Subj ->Mouse From ->Cy Surflex (#36) Date ->01/25/89 02:45:46 PM Ok well MouseLink comes with complete dox on how to do this, but it’s realy not that explanatory… I wrote a seg called PSE.QUOTE.SEG that has mouse control too, you can look at that (if it’s not up here I’ll put it up) but here’s a […]

MouseTrap PSEditor

____________________________________________________________________ || || || Welcome to MouseTrap: PSEditor || || (c) Shattered Image 1988 || || Programmed By Maxia Fariina & Wise Guy || ||____________________________________________________________________|| Open Apple Commands: ? – Help This feature, gives you a list of all the valid OpenApple key combinations, and the ‘commands title’. (ex. ? – Help) By using the […]

StartSound – Startup Sound Player for GSOS

STARTSOUND Startup Sound Player, by Guy T. Rice STARTSOUND Version 1.2 documentation This program is a close relative of STARTPIC. What STARTSOUND does is it plays a digitized sound file when you boot your computer. You can create these digitized files with an MDIdeas SuperSonic Digitizer, or with a Future Sound digitizer, or even with a Macintosh! […]

StartPic – Startup Picture Display Program for GSOS

STARTPIC Startup Picture Display Program, by Guy T. Rice STARTPIC Documentation updated for version 1.1 of STARTPIC. This program allows you to display a Super HiRes picture while you are booting your disk or hard drive. This gives you something a little less boring to look at than “ProDOS 16 v1.3” etc etc. It also makes your […]

RunQ Quick Reference

RunQ Quick Reference 16 May 1990 Version 1.2 ============================================================================== RunQ Copyright (C) 1990 by Marcel Egloff [100016,120] ATTENTION: Please DO read the first chapter, because there is some very important information for you in it (you may skip the rest, if you are used to working with self explaining programs…) NEW: – Menu bar icon […]