Apple II Peeks, Pokes, and Calls

————————————— Apple Peeks, Pokes, and Calls ————————————— Thanks to: Jim Barrie of Aurora, CO ————–>> Pokes <<————– POKE 32,X {$20} : SETS LEFT SIDE OF TEXT WINDOW. (0-39 NORMAL=0) POKE 33,X {$21} : SETS WIDTH OF TEXT WINDOW (1-40 NORMAL=40) POKE 34,X {$22} : SETS TOP OF TEXT WINDOW (0-23 NORMAL=0) POKE 35,X {$23} : […]

GSOS Start Fixes

GS/OS StartFixes: Several people have pointed out problems they’ve had with StartPic and StartSound after upgrading to GS/OS. The two programs included with this file will (hopefully) solve these problems. PRODOS.PATCH: This AppleSoft BASIC program will patch the PRODOS loader file in the main directory of your disk and will fix the problems with StartPic.  First, get into […]