GSOS Start Fixes

GS/OS StartFixes: Several people have pointed out problems they’ve had with StartPic and StartSound after upgrading to GS/OS. The two programs included with this file will (hopefully) solve these problems. PRODOS.PATCH: This AppleSoft BASIC program will patch the PRODOS loader file in the main directory of your disk and will fix the problems with StartPic.  First, get into […]

RunQ Quick Reference

RunQ Quick Reference 16 May 1990 Version 1.2 ============================================================================== RunQ Copyright (C) 1990 by Marcel Egloff [100016,120] ATTENTION: Please DO read the first chapter, because there is some very important information for you in it (you may skip the rest, if you are used to working with self explaining programs…) NEW: – Menu bar icon […]

ProTERM Patch for ProSel Aux Memory RAM Disk

ProTERM Patch for ProSel Auxiliary Memory RAM Disk by Jerry E. Kindall – Revised 11/11/89 _____ INTRO _____ Checkmate Technology’s ProTERM is probably the most popular communications program on the market today. ProSel, by Glen Bredon, is probably the most popular program selector and utility package on the market today. So it’s a shame that […]

ProScreen 2.0 Documentation

ProScreen 2.0 Documentation ————————— Dissassembled and enhanced by Mr. Zap. Feb 1989 ProScreen requires a 65C02 processor. All references are to ACOS V1.3. Other versions should work the same. Installation ———— From BASIC do the following: BLOAD ACOS.OBJ BLOAD PROSCREEN.2 BSAVE ACOS.OBJ,A$800,L$5200 New Commands/Features ——————— 3 new PT Special commands have been added: ^W – […]